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At Halewood Academy we believe that outstanding behaviour, attitude and class work should be acknowledged and rewarded with prizes, certificates, trips and reward stars.

Pupils must achieve the determined number of Reward Stars to attend the end of year reward trip or year 11 prom.

Halewood Academy Reward Card

Staff will comment and sign a student’s Reward Card (in Student Planners) for the following;

• Good behaviour at unstructured times

• Representing the school

• Positive attitudes

• Consistent good effort

• Excellent progress

• Attending revision sessions

• Attending after school clubs

Outstanding classwork, behaviour and attitude to learning

Every lesson each pupil will be issued a number on the register in SIMS, our monitoring system. This number indicates their behaviour and attitude in that lesson. Any pupil who receives an outstanding code for expected behaviour and exceptional attitude to learning will receive a Reward Star. The form class with the most Reward Stars will also be rewarded.

Termly Assemblies

Every term each department will nominate a pupil from every year group for outstanding progress or effort. The winners will receive a certificate during a reward assembly; parents will be invited to attend. Each pupil will also receive 20 reward stars.

Attendance and Punctuality

All students who achieve 100% attendance and punctuality in a week will receive 5 Reward Stars and be placed in a draw to win a price during the weekly assembly.

Half Termly Rewards

All students who have 100% attendance, punctual for school every day and have no negative comments on register or behaviour card will go in a draw at the end of every term to receive awards.