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Year 11 Science Teachers!

British Science Week continues at Halewood Academy this week and on Tuesday we welcomed staff and students from St. Mark’s Catholic Primary and Plantation Primary schools. As part of the Royal Society of Biology’s Gopher Science Lab programme eight Year 11 students have been planning practical activities to teach to some of our future Year 7 students.

Gopher1Each Year 11 student delivered a five minute practical activity, so that over the course of the lesson each Year 6 student was given the opportunity to learn about multiple aspects of science. These Year 6 students will now go back to their schools and deliver the practical activities to Year 5 student, so that the learning is cascaded down the year groups.


We are extremely proud of the example set by our students and there was an excellent learning atmosphere in the labs. All of the primary school teachers commented on the professionalism and level of expertise shown by our students throughout the day. We would like to take this opportunity to thank those students, the students from St Mark’s and Plantation and the staff for their support with this event.


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