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Storytelling Week

Halewood staff have been telling tales this week - all part of National Story Telling week!  National Story Telling Week started in 2000 to help increase awareness of the art, practice and value of storytelling. It is organised by the Society for Storytelling and promotes listening to good stories and encourages people to use their imaginations and creativity. Exposing children to this special art promotes a love of literature, stimulates interest and imagination and explores feelings and emotions of different situations and characters.

Staff have volunteered to read to Year 7 and Year 8 pupils this week and there is still a chance for students to take part until Wednesday 8 February.  You can see the timetable below along with some photos of the staff reading to students.  Thanks to all staff who have taken part and to the students who have attended!


Year 7 (12.25 -13.00)

Year 8 (13.25-14.00)

Wednesday 1st February

P. Rylands


Thursday 2nd February

T. Gilbertson

J. Jones

Friday 3rd February

G. Evans

S. Martin

Monday 6th February

M. Bridge

E. Whittington

Tuesday 7th February

S. Bligh

S. Murphy

Wednesday 8th February

L. Archer

J. Medwell

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