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Medical Mavericks

Halewood Academy got British Science Week off to a healthy start with a Mini-Medics workshop from the Medical Mavericks. Thirty five students from all year groups attended on Saturday morning to learn more about careers in medicine and the NHS.


During the workshop students took medical readings from themselves, including Blood Pressure, Lung Volume and an ECG of their heart beat. In addition, they had the opportunity to use Ultrasound machines to see inside their bodies and to practice simple medical procedures such as key hole surgery and drawing blood, all using the same equipment trainee doctors use.





















After a short break, during which some students made use of the Academy's Virtual Reality equipment to further explore the human anatomy, the subject changed to sports science. Students and staff were able to test themselves against world records of speed, strength and reaction.

If you're interested in a career in medicine, please let Lesley McCallum know, so that you can be invited to the next Medical Mavericks workshop.

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