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HAT Events

Year 7 High Attainers Day  at Cronton College

 Year 7 attended a fantastic 'Aspirational Day' held at Cronton College on Monday 26th June 2017. This exciting opportunity  allowed students to experience what opportunities are available for further education.  They participated in a fantastic array of sessions in order to raise aspirations such as:  History, Math’s, English, Law, Economics and Government .



HAT Parent Forum Year 7/8 on Tuesday 28th February 5.30 pm till 6.30 pm in the Lecture theatre .

Year 7 'Passport to Success'

All Year 7 HAT students will be attending after school sessions for an aspirational event with our careers co-ordinator; this is in order to start an aspirational journey to discover what careers could be available to them as a HAT student.

This will involve creating an aspirational passport which will identify student goals and achievements. Furthermore, it will help students to research what steps they need to take in order to succeed in their future career prospects. 

All sessions will take place in G04 Drama Studio 3-4.30pm.

 Session 1 – Tuesday 10th January 2017

 Session 2-     Tuesday 17th January 2017


Year 9 HAT Students Attended Oxford and Cambridge Challenge Day!   

Year 9 HAT students attended the Oxford and Cambridge Challenge Day held at the Liverpool Museums, Waterfront on Monday 17th October 2016. This exciting opportunity allowed students to experience what opportunities are available for further education at the prestigious Universities of Oxford and Cambridge.  They participated in a fantastic array of subject sessions such as Archaeology, Engineering and Oncology.


Year 9 High Attainers Day at Carmel College

Monday 20th June 2016

Students participated in a range of exciting workshops to show the support offered for high attaining and talented students at Carmel College. They were introduced to the 'HAT Programme' and were made aware of how the College offers the best possible preparation for application to Oxbridge, Russell Groups and other prestigious institutions. Students thoroughly enjoyed the trip. One student quoted: "It opened my eyes to what I would like to do in the future and what universities I could apply for!" (Lilly Calland, Year 9).




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Year 10 High Attainers Oxbridge Event Day at Cronton College Wednesday 29th June  

15 Year 10 HAT students were selected to attend an Oxbridge event through the Prestigious Universities Programme on Wednesday 29th June. This event was specifically open for HAT students who are likely to achieve high grades in their GCSE`s. It was an exciting opportunity for students aspiring to study at Oxbridge and other prestigious universities to find out what it takes to become a student at these elite universities.

 Students  attended a presentation from Dr Luke MacMahon about entrance to Oxbridge and other prestigious universities. In addition, students also had the opportunity to speak to current students from the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge.

This fantastic event provided students with an insight into what life and study is like at two of the most respected universities in the world. Students also found out about some of the opportunities available through the Prestigious Universities Programme, including the Nuffield Bursary, Sutton Trust, Pembroke North and Liverpool Scholars Scheme. Furthermore, they  sampled  specific taster sessions such as Science for Medicine, English Literature, Maths, History and Psychology.