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HAT Celebrations

Celebrating Success

The Academy celebrates all pupils’ achievements creating a culture in which achievement is recognised and respected.  This is done through assemblies, awards evenings and newsletters.

Below are some of our recent achievements: 

 Year 7

Jordi Highdale 7SBE- Showing outstanding commitment in Performing Arts. He has appeared in ‘Hollyoaks’ and two television adverts.

Adam Low 7SOW – Demonstrating outstanding commitment to Karate. He has received his fourth belt and is now a yellow belt.

Anthony Flynn 7KWI- Showing outstanding commitment in Performing Arts and has won various Dance competitions which has allowed him to audition for ‘Britain’s Got Talent.’  

George Campbell 7KWI- Demonstrating outstanding commitment to sports and organising events in racing.

Olivia Seville 7KWI- Showing outstanding commitment to Dance. She has already received a distinction for tap and ballet. She has also completed gymnastics. She has demonstrated outstanding ability and has received 2 gold medals.  

Chloe Campbell 7KWI- For showing outstanding commitment in Music and Sports.

Evie Jo McKenna 7KWI – Demonstrating outstanding commitment to Performing Arts.  Performing as the lead role in the Shakespeare School Festival.

Luca Kelsall 7KWI- Demonstrating outstanding commitment in swimming and has received various medals.

Sam Begley 7SOW- Demonstrating outstanding commitment in TaekWondo. Receiving a range of gold medals, two silver and two bronze.   

Fletcher Reid 7 SOW- Demonstrating outstanding commitment to sports including sports and boxing.

Abigail O’Rourke- Demonstrating outstanding commitment to sports.

Jamie McEvoy 7SOW- Demonstrating outstanding commitment to sports and music.      

Faith Waldron 7TGI - Demonstrating outstanding commitment to athletics.

Ben Bradley 7TGI- Demonstrating outstanding commitment to sports.

Charlotte Houghton 7SB- Demonstrating outstanding commitment in Performing Arts.

Charlie Knowles 7SBE- Demonstrating outstanding commitment to swimming and has represented Liverpool in various competitions.

Joseph Clifton-  7JMA- Demonstrating outstanding commitment to sports.  


 Year 8 

Megan Kennedy 8JCR - Demonstrating outstanding commitment to Athletics competitions.

Sian Spence 8JCR - Demonstrating outstanding commitment to extra-curricular clubs.

Erin James 8CDA - Attends dance competitions both in and out of school winning medals for an outstanding performances. As well as a talent for gymnastics. 

Elise Humphries 8CDA - Attends the Hale Youth club and has performed in a choir at the Liverpool Philimonic Orchestra. 

Jack Green 8CDA - Has completed a qualification in First Aid and is currently studying for grade 1 in Guitar. 

Olivia Deveney 8CDA - Has shown outstanding performances in trampolining, receiving awards for competing. 

Tyler Delaney 8CSA - Has achieved 1st and 2nd place in swimming galas. Demonstrating an outstanding performance in drama performances, such as Beauty and the Beast. As well as receiving 3rd prize in the Christmas Story Writing Competition. 

Antony Edgerton 8JCR -Demonstrating an outstanding performance in drama performances, such as playing the Beast in the school pantomime, Beauty and the Beast. 

Max Li 8KWL - Demonstrating outstanding performance in basketball and badminton.

Amy Jones 8KWL - Demonstrating outstanding commitment to badminton, netball, science and trampolining. 

Igor Szutran 8KWL - Attends extracurricular PE and Taekwondo.

Megan Buchanan 8KWL - Involved in the Student Newsletter and attends dance and the Girl Guides. 

Cherise Millen 8AMA - Demonstrating outstanding performance in Gymnastic and horse riding competitions, as well as cheerleading.

Arianne Balderstone 8AMA - Demonstrating outstanding performance to become North West Climbing champion, this ranks Arianne as 7th in World Climbing competitions. She has recently climbed to the height of Mount Everest with her climbing group for Cancer Research. As well as winning a Gold award for the swimming challenge. 

Thomas William Rushton 8AMA - Demonstrating outstanding commitment to rugby in extra curricular activities outside school. Thomas also helps organise charity nights for Sports Relief. 

Caitlin Croft 8MWL - Demonstrating excellent attendance.

Kyle Wanstall 8CSA - Demonstrating outstanding commitment to sports and arts.

Emma Murray 8CSA - Demonstrating outstanding commitment to football, swimming and running in and outside school.

Mae Dooley 8CSA - Demonstrating outstanding commitment to dance outside of school.

Jack Meehan 8CSA - Demonstrating outstanding commitment to age 9-11 football outside of school.

Lillie Beth Kelly 8CSA - Demonstrating outstanding commitment to dance, drama and athletics.

Rachel Evans 8CSA - Demonstrating outstanding commitment to badminton, trampolining and winning 23 rosettes in Horse Riding. 

Isobel O'Reilly 8CSA - Demonstrating outstanding commitment to cheer leading, drama and art club.

Elise Collins 8MWL - Demonstrating outstanding commitment in dance and drama both in and out of school.

Cameron Herrity 8MWL - Excellent achievement in maths.

Jaye Campbell 8MWL - Demonstrating outstanding performance in indoor and outdoor athletics. 

Harris Dean 8FCO - Demonstrating outstanding performance in football outside school.

Hollie Dunn 8FCO - Demonstrating outstanding performance in indoor athletics with the year 7 girls team, recently achieving 4th position in a local competition. As well as coming in the top 10 position in cross country outside of school. Hollie is also a form representative.

Adam Jones 8FCO - Demonstrating outstanding performance in football and badminton. 

Harry Hall 8FCO - Demonstrating outstanding performance in football and drama. He recently starred in the drama festival. Harry is a form representative. 

Joseph Fogarty 8SSC - Demonstrating outstanding performance in the school football team.

Eden Coney 8SSC - Demonstrating outstanding performance in drama. 

Josh Burrows 8SSC - Demonstrating outstanding performance in drama, football and athletics. 


 Year 9 

Sophie Gallagher 9JBT -   Demonstrating outstanding leadership and choreographing dances for the Dance & Drama Festival.  

Karlie- Anne Bisset 9JBT - Demonstrating outstanding commitment and leadership in table tennis, and athletics. 

Cian Ryan 9JBT - For showing outstanding commitment to Performing Arts starring in 'West Side Story' Liverpool Empire.

Reece Brown 9JBT - Achieving a distinction grade one for Piano.

Lauren Griffiths 9JBT-  Demonstrating outstanding commitment to athletics and netball.

Amber Worthington 9JBT - Showing outstanding creativity in English by entering into Radio Ones National Story telling and reaching the final top 40. 

Eva Ware 9SJ0- Demonstrating outstanding commitment in Thai Boxing and winning the North West area title.

Deacon Tomlinson- Demonstrating outstanding commitment in Sports and winning the 800m in athletics.      

Olivia Hughes 9SMU- Wining a leadership award for Majorettes.

Ryan Stratulis 9SMU- Showing outstanding commitment to sport and being picked to play for the football team Tranmere Rovers.       


Kate Wheatley 9SMU - Showing outstanding commitment in athletics  and reaching the Knowsley finals.   

Paige Singleton 9SJ0- Demonstrating outstanding commitment to Halewood Academy's Choir 

Molly Ashcroft 9NBA- Winning 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in Ice Skating achieving a National Level.  

Bethany Biggins 9SJO- Demonstrating outstanding commitment to Halewood Academy's Choir.  


 Year 10

Ria Mccoy 10STA- Demonstrating excellent skills and knowledge when playing piano and guitar.

Chloe Low 10STA- Demonstrating outstanding commitment in Dance by creating a performance for the Dance and Drama festival.

Clare Kelly 10STA- Demonstrating outstanding commitment to STEM Club and being involved in Girl Guides.     

Emily Walls 10STA- Achieving Grade 3 in Music Bass Examination, outstanding commitment to STEM club and being involved in girl guides.  

Annalise Jones 10JCA- Demonstrating outstanding commitment in Performing Arts and recently won 'Miss Teen' Award.   

Lilly Calland 10JCA- Demonstrating outstanding creatively in Art by creating an animation to support class work. 

Rachel Robson 10SGO- Demonstrating outstanding commitment in Performing Arts recently performed 'A Midsummer Nights Dream' in Shakespeare School Festival.

Faye Clifton 10PCL- Demonstrating outstanding commitment to STEM Club and won a range of competitions in Badminton and Netball. 

Caleb Dolan 10LMK- Showing outstanding commitment in Drama, participating in Shakespeare Schools Festival, School Pantomime and television appearances such as Hollyoaks and Doctors.

Layton Peake 10AAN- Demonstrating outstanding in commitment in P.E and being selected to play for Tranmere Rovers Football Club. 

Rachel Harrison 10PCL- Demonstrating creativity and choreographic skills when developing a dance for the Dance and Drama Festival. 

Zoe Hough 10PCL- Receiving a leadership qualification in dance and demonstrating outstanding commitment in KS3  Dance club. 

Christopher Farrelly 10RSA- Demonstrating outstanding commitment in the drama festival and leading others when devising.  

Dylan Cliff 10AAN- Won student of the year and is currently working with John Moors University to create a dance for the  Dance and Drama festival.  

Stephanie Day 10PCL- Demonstrating outstanding commitment in Performing Arts, participated in Shakespeare Schools Festival, School Pantomime and Dance Festival. 


 Year 11 

Georgia Crosbie 11AHY- Won a Citizenship Award for dedication to charity work. 

Rosie Dutton 11AHY- Won a Dance Award, Horse Riding for Beginners Award and won swimming competition.   

Lauren O'Donnell 11JWE- Won Free Style disco dance competition 1st place and participated in Shakespeare School festival for drama.  

Karla Roberts 11HRE- Demonstrated outstanding leadership and won the Knowsley Citizenship award.

Georgia Watts 10HRE- Demonstrated outstanding creativity in dance and has won the best achievement and improvement award.  

Ellie Wood 11HRE- Showed excellent dedication to the school news letter team. 

Reece Regan 11RDL- Demonstrated outstanding commitment in drama and has participated in Shakespeare Schools Festival. 

Daniel Roberts 11RDL- Achieved Duke of Edinburgh Award (Bronze)

Scott Stevenson 11RDL- Achieved Duke of Edinburgh Award (Bronze)

Anna Taylor 11GRE- Demonstrated outstanding commitment in the Performing Arts by performing in school productions.

Tom Harvey 11GRE- Demonstrating outstanding commitment in sports winning awards in football and Tennis.